our reason to exist


How do we communicate with ourselves, each other, the planet during an era of stress? Can we make alliances through anxiety and embrace fragility as a language to defend ourselves against an increasingly violent political discourse? If we commit to breaking ourselves down in order to rebuild together, reject perfection and embrace failure as a consequence of experimentation will we find new avenues of exploration in our mistakes? Can we our allow ourselves to be messy, incomplete and unimportant? How do we harness our messiness? Can we support each other lovingly through discovery? Have we forgotten how to be tactile? Is it time to rethink how we take up space, consume, destroy? What is kin? What is kinship? Do we listen? Can we make tenderness more of an intention? What is it to be radically tender? Can we collaborate more deliberately to decolonise the body? Do we support each other? Do we explore vulnerability? Can we stop apologising? Can we be brave, together?

Employing the performance-pedagogy of Pocha Nostra and their utilisation of radical tenderness as a tool to help build an amorphous community of artists, Carry the Fire is a zine intended to provide a platform for hopeful exploration and supportive collaboration. To be unafraid of intimacy. To caress desire and fear, to invite vulnerability. There is no fixed message beyond a request for openness.

Fungal Entanglements  from c o c r e a t : e : u r e s  by Annike Flo

Fungal Entanglements from c o c r e a t : e : u r e s  by Annike Flo