zine no.1




Carry the Fire invites you to submit your thoughts, your images, your words and your ideas based around the exploration of tenderness as a visceral action. Profound or profane, it is our intention to assemble a collage of voices dedicated to the idea that more radical connections are possible.

At present the hope is to produce the zine on an annual basis, firstly as a physical object and then digitised for greater visibility. If there is sufficient content then we will work to build an infrastructure to produce the zine on a bi-annual basis. This project is resolutely not-for-profit.

If you are looking for ideas, then the living manifesto written by Dani d’Emilia and Daniel B. Chávez provides an empathetic reference, and can be found here.

Some additional food for thought can be found here

We are not afraid of the dark if that is where your work takes you, and we will honour anonymity where requested. If you do not want your work made available online, we will be producing a template questionnaire for each agreed contributor to complete so that your wishes are respected.

Thank you for your vulnerability, openness and voice.

Please send submissions, queries and emails to: carrythefirezine(at)gmail(dot)com